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Employment Opportunities:

There are no new positions currently available.

Infotec are an expanding company and are always interested in hearing from suitably qualified applicants: utility surveyors, topographic surveyors and assistant surveyors.


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Welcome to Infotec

Business and Industry Magazine ArticleInfotec, acknowledged underground mapping specialists and consultants, offer a wide range of services utilising the latest available technology and experience gathered over the past twenty five years. Undertaking work on behalf of major utility companies, public authorities and some of the UK's largest developers and professional organisations, we specialise in the accurate location and mapping of pipes,cables, ducts, drains and sewers, as well as the identification of defects, voids and buried structures.

Virtual Trial Holes

Avoid the need for invasive and disruptive excavations.

Our Virtual Trial Hole ('VTH') service can be used where detailed information within any local area is essential. A unique fixed price service that is a cheaper alternative to full site surveys.

For further information, download our PDF here.

Intelligent Trench wins iESE Award, 2012The Intelligent Trench

A revolution in pipeline, culvert & tunnel mapping

Developed by a team of technology partners, the Intelligent Trench Solution combines advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and GPS asset marking / locating techniques and minimally invasive / noninvasive surveying methods with easy to use data collection / sharing software.

The Intelligent Trench Information Flyer - PDFThe use of innovative processes and technology allows private and public sector organisations to better manage their underground assets and at the same time improve the effectiveness of all streetworks projects - a benefit for all.

For more information, download our PDF information flyer or view a movieclip demo.

Intelligent Trench
Winner of the CIHT/HTMA Health & Safety Award, 2011
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PipeTrack - Gyroscopic Utility Mapping System

PipeTrackA revolution in pipeline, culvert & tunnel mapping

Introduced in 2006, the new PipeTrack equipment utilises gyro-based surveying technology that enables the mapping of both existing and new pipelines constructed of any currently used material.

Infotec now provide clients with the most advanced range of specialist surveying systems available anywhere in the world. The combination of PipeTrack Gyroscopic Mapping, advanced autonomous Robots and ROV mobilisation systems along with in-built "LIDAR" Laser Scanning systems enable us to provide a full 3D survey of any type or size of structure.

By producing a definitive record of any surveyed structure, we can as part of any subsequent survey highlight minute changes including changes of profile caused by deformation. Identify new structural defects or determine the extent of deterioration. This is now achieved using advanced change recognition software, eliminating any risk of human error.

Click here for more information or visit the website:

Flusher - Drain and Sewer Cleaning System

click to open videoAn innovative and unique system that utilises the potential energy within the sewer to clean itself and the surrounding catchment area. An environmentally friendly solution, set to revolutionise the UK’s sewer and drainage, cleaning and maintenance industry. Flusher is a system designed to be easily and safely installed inside manhole chambers, with the added ability to be demounted and moved to different locations, enabling it to be used as an effective maintenance tool.

Click on the image to view the demo video.

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